A. C. Newman新曲試聽下載


加拿大獨立搖滾樂團The New Pornographer的主腦A. C. Newman即將在十月推出第三張個人專輯《Shut Down The Streets》,下方是新曲〈Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns〉試聽,連到Soundcloud網頁也可免費下載。

《Shut Down The Streets》的曲目如下:

  1. I’m Not Talking
  2. Do Your Own Time
  3. You Could Get Lost Out Here
  4. Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns
  5. There’s Money In New Wave
  6. Strings
  7. Hostages
  8. Wasted English
  9. The Troubadour
  10. They Should Have Shut Down The Streets
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